The Job Description of a Legal Assistant

Did you know that with the changes in laws, certain factors show the need to hire a legal assistant? Soon, law firms have been responding to the demand for paralegals to assist with day-to-day functions.

You can pursue ABM College’s  Legal Assistant diploma online to become a sought-after professional in this field. If you are curious to know what a legal assistant is and their functions, read on and learn now!

What is a legal assistant?

This is the professional who assists in the legal or administrative issues of a law firm. There are some types of legal assistants with different functions and remuneration. These issues are determined according to the demand of each business, as well as the assistant’s degree of technical knowledge.

Each has a different function, making the remuneration vary according to the level of responsibility for their activities.

To occupy the position, however, the legal assistant must be registered with the relevant law body in the region, in addition to knowing the country’s primary legal guidelines and principles.

Your performance may extend to individuals, public management, companies, and the operating environment, which may be in public agencies or law firms.

What does a legal assistant do?

They can perform many tasks in a legal space, with administrative and judicial process tracking functions among the most common. However, the professional is usually responsible for other activities, such as:

  • Analysis of documents, contracts, judgments, and agreements;
  • Lawyers’ schedule control;
  • Preparation of judicial reports and petitions;
  • Documents emission;
  • Customer service;
  • Participation in hearings;
  • Assistance in the elaboration of defenses or accusations.

Therefore, when determining the functions of a legal assistant, it is necessary to consider their level of education and relate to the demands of your company so that their best characteristics are put to good use. This is achieved through a professional course!

What are the characteristics of a legal assistant?

It is important to know that the candidate’s technical skills and behavioral characteristics are essential to take on the position.

Therefore, when hiring your company’s future legal assistant, make sure they are:

  • Determined and responsible;
  • Skilled at mediating conflicts and acting under pressure;
  • Emotionally persuasive and intelligent;
  • Communicative and organized.

Remember to choose someone who is proactive and likes to learn, as the candidate needs to be aware of the movements in the legal environment.

What are the benefits of hiring a legal assistant?

Among the advantages of hiring a legal assistant, we will see the main ones below. Check out!

Decision making

The legal assistant assists in analyzing information from the processes to make informed decisions. They can check documents, analyze necessary contexts, and work as an advisor for your business.

Technical support

Technical support is usually one of the main reasons for hiring a legal assistant for help in reading and preparing documents, monitoring processes, analysis, and assisting in the actions they offer.

Legal support

The legal assistant, when registered, can offer legal support in judicial matters. That way, you’ll have someone else to represent clients at hearings if you can’t make it. In addition, the day-to-day demands of an office require preventive action. This can be done by the legal assistant.

Those who know how to identify difficulties and act in a preventive way are very important professionals for your business since they can avoid possible losses of time or money.

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