The Benefits of Laminators and Their Various Uses

It’s easy to dismiss the importance of a good laminator. Some people assume that lamination only has a few practical uses, but the reality is that it’s a lot more useful than you might imagine. Lamination is a process that uses fortified plastic film to enclose printed pieces of paper. The lamination can be done on any kind of paper and any shape, as it is very versatile.

Once the lamination is complete, the printed page is now protected against stains, spills and smudges. It’s no secret that printed pages can degrade over time due to things like stains and smudges, but the lamination should help protect against this. The fortified film is not only rigid but is also strong, allowing it to keep the paper safe and free from damage. Those who are concerned about aesthetics should also keep in mind that lamination helps to bring out the colours on the printed page by deepening the ink colours for a more vivid look.

The Benefits of Lamination

Some of the benefits of using a laminator include:

  • Frequent handling of laminated print materials won’t cause damage.
  • Tears, wrinkles and marks are avoided.
  • Provides an overall impression of high-quality.
  • It’s completely transparent.
  • Saves money, since printed materials will last longer.

It should also be pointed out that lamination can help keep employees and customers safe. Machine warnings, maintenance procedures and warning signs are all things a business can laminate in order to ensure that no step is overlooked. After all, printed materials have a way of fading and are sometimes mistreated. This means their ability to keep workers or customers safe is compromised. A good laminator doesn’t take too long to use and is an easy way to keep your place of business operating safely.

The Many Uses of Lamination

Having a good laminator can help various businesses, including:


Restaurants can use lamination in various ways, but most importantly with their menus. Food and bar menus are used throughout the day and are handled by people who aren’t always careful with them. Lamination ensures that these menus not only last, but are easily cleaned for the next guest to use.

Everyday Business

Most businesses have an inventory or price sheet to share with customers. Having a laminated inventory list or price sheet will help reduce the need for constant paper printing. A business can also laminate rules, conduct lists and training materials. The thing to remember is that if the print material doesn’t change often and is handled by many, it should be laminated. Business and membership cards can also be laminated to ensure they last as long as possible when handing them out to clients and customers.

Hotels and Hospitality

Another interesting way that lamination can be used is in the hospitality industry. A hotel can laminate guest maps that are used during a stay. A hotel can also laminate hotel hospitality cards where the establishment shares rules and regulations that guests must follow.

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