Serviced Offices: Selecting a Suitable Provider

A serviced office is an excellent alternative to a traditional office environment. You have access to top-quality services without having to worry about crushing overheads. There are several serviced office providers scattered across Sydney, most of them offer affordable packages and outstanding services. But you’ll always find that some do stick out from their competition, they go above and beyond to ensure you get exactly what your company needs.

Adequate Customer Service

Some companies, such as serviced offices Gordon, understand the importance of providing their clients with exceptional customer service. Customer service is an important part of business, if you don’t treat your clients well, you’ll struggle to retain customers and develop your business. Making sure you have first-class customer service representatives in place is vital for your company’s success.

When choosing a serviced office provider, you should inquire about their customer service package. Carefully consider what kind of support they’ll give to your customers, if it is anything less than first-class, you might want to look for other companies in the industry.

Most providers offer a virtual receptionist to take care of your incoming calls and emails, but is that really enough? Maybe you want to provide your customers with more, such as an around the clock service with a receptionist who is highly knowledgeable about your product.


Many business owners often forget the importance of choosing a serviced office in the right location. They often consider the implications of having access to public transport and fail to consider other factors. Although having a workspace which is easily accessible is important, so is the location in terms of address. A location in the city with a prestigious address looks great for your business, you can market this address on anything to do with your company, such as:

  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Social media
  • Website

Essentially, it is much more than a mailing address – it becomes your company’s headquarters in the city, even if you aren’t based there permanently. You’ll want the area to reflect your company and brand, so try to get in contact with a serviced office provider who has space in the right part of town.

A top-quality serviced office provider should have working space in a variety of areas, from budget accommodation to upmarket buildings. This will make it easier for you to find a suitable location.


It can be tempting to hire a serviced office in an exclusive part of town, but you must be realistic and look for a place that you can afford. Although they are cheaper than physical office space, you still need to factor in other expenses. Choose a serviced office that provided the best package for you and your company.

Picking the right serviced offices for your company doesn’t have to be a tricky experience. When choosing a provider, it is important to get recommendations off colleagues who work in the industry. You’ll also find numerous resources online, most of which will point you in the right direction when selecting a serviced office provider.

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