International Schools: What you Need to Know

If your child is approaching the age for pre-school, it is your responsibility to choose the best school that will allow the child to develop to the fullest and regarding world-class education, the international schooling program is at the top of the tree.

What is it about the international program that is so appealing?

Every international school would follow either the British or American national curriculum and that means your child gets the very best education and most parents prefer the UK curriculum as this is globally accepted as the premier program.

Imported Teachers

Not only will your child be studying a British curriculum, it will be delivered by qualified UK teachers, and we all know how important the delivery is regarding teaching anything. One of the reasons for the term fees at a BASIS international school is the teachers’ high salaries, which are needed to attract quality teachers to relocate for a couple of years. Education is much like most things; you get what you pay for and investing in your child’s future should be a priority.

Academic Excellence

This is what you get when you enroll your son or daughter in an international school and when browsing school websites, take a look at their academic stats, which should be very high. This is the key to entering the university of your choosing and that is a critical step to a successful career, as the employers are looking for the cream of the crop, so to speak. The learning environment is designed to encourage enquiry, while creativity and imagination are developed, especially during the early learning program.

Career Counselling

The international school understands the need for career guidance and from the age of 15, the students would be discussing careers with their career counsellor. The school would devote one period per week for the students to learn more about careers they are interested in and with the counsellor as their guide, they quickly discover what is required if they wish to take a particular career path.

Parental Participation

Every good school would actively promote parental involvement, as this is a critical component for a balanced education; if you are involved in your child’s education, you are able to tailor the home environment and this will have a positive effect on the learning outcome.

Make the investment in your child’s education and you’ll be very happy that you did!

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