Find Top Universities in the UK to Study Economics

The United Kingdom is home to some of the best and oldest universities in the world. These universities have been at the zenith of excellence for decades and are a premier destination for international students. Among the variety of fields these universities are adept at, the economics just happens to be one of them. Universities in the United Kingdom are strongholds of education in economics. The most popular one being The London School of economics, which is synonymous with the study of the field.

Top Universities to Study Economics in the UK

With most universities ranked high internationally, the United Kingdom is one of the best destinations to study Economics. Here are the best universities for economics in UK that offer degrees in Economics or related studies at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels:

King’s College London: 

King’s College London particularly has a very friendly history with economics. It is believed that King’s College led to the birth of Keynesian Economics by John Keynes and his fellow economists. They used to meet in and around the King’s College campus to discuss theories that changed the world of economics. The degrees in economics are offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The degrees offered at the undergraduate level are BSc in Economics, BSc in Economics and Management, and BA/BSc in Philosophy, Economics, and Political Science. The postgraduate degrees offered include MSc in Economics and Finance and research studies in the economics of Russia, Eurasia, the Middle East, and Europe.

University of Manchester:

The University of Manchester is one of the oldest institutions in the United Kingdom, established in the northern region. It has an excellent faculty that teaches economics. About 80% of economics graduates have gone on to do further studies. The degrees offered include a BA/BSc in Economics combined with a specialization available to you in Philosophy, Political Science, Finance, Management, and Modern History. The degrees available at higher levels include MA/MSc in Economics, MSc in Development of Economic Policy, and MSc in Financial Economics.


The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge are collectively known as Oxbridge. Either of these universities are among the oldest universities in not just Europe but the world. Established centuries ago, Oxford and Cambridge are the powerhouses of education in the United Kingdom. They also enjoy a fair reputation across the world. Economics was one of the oldest degrees offered by both these colleges. They give students insights into the world of economics through their world-class faculty that is made up of well-known economists and researchers.

The degrees offered in economics by the University of Cambridge are BA in Economics, Advanced Diploma in Economics, MPhil in Economics, MPhil in Economics Research, MPhil in Finance and Economics, and a PhD in Economics. The degrees offered by Oxford at both levels include A. (Hons) in History and Economics, A. (Hons) in Economics and Management, A. (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

London School of Economics: 

The London School of Economics and Political Science is the world’s renowned institution for students looking to pursue a degree in Economics. The college has a status that is synonymous with excellence in the field of economics. The degrees offered at the undergraduate level include BSc Economics, BSc Econometrics, and Mathematical Economics, BSc Economics, and Economic History. The postgraduate degrees offered in the field include MSc Economics, a part-time degree of MSc Economics that would be a two-year program, and MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics.

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