The violin is the smallest and yet the most high-pitched instrument in its family. It comes with four strings and is played by drawing a bow over the strings to produce sound. For many aspiring learners and musicians, playing the violin is usually at the top of their bucket list for obvious reasons. It improves hand-eye coordination, boosts concentration and discipline. Playing violin requires the most impeccable posture than any other instrument, enhancing the ability to multitask when balancing the body and the violin.

But violin for beginners doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you are motivated by positive reasons. If you are contemplating learning how to play the violin, here are a few things to know beforehand. But it is very important that you learn it from the best music school in Abu dhabi or wherever to master this art.

It will take time to perfect your art.

When you begin to learn and play the violin, you won’t sound perfect at the beginning. It will take time before you can sound like the violins in musical tracks. You may not play the violin as musical instrumentalists play initially, but you will learn gradually. First, it will not be easy to coordinate your posture to balance your body and hold the violin as it is one of the unnatural positions, but with time it becomes your second nature. As you play with that strange bow for the first days or weeks, all you will hear is a scratchy sound and inconsistent buzzing noise. But it takes determination and being attentive to your teacher to become the best violinist.

Reading sheet music will be challenging.

As you start learning how to play the violin, you will find it challenging to read sheet music. You must learn how to read sheet music and play the violin the way it is on the sheet music. The good thing is, once you have learned and accomplished this stage, you will be able to practice any music as you learn to play violin in an accomplished way.

Your violin may get noisy at some point.

At times, your violin will be noisy and scratchy. Fortunately, there is a solution to this- how you hold the violin. Reflect on how you should hold your violin. The f-holes (where the sound is produced) are usually a few inches from your left ear. That is why some professional violinists lose their hearing impact in the left ear because it is always close to the sound. As a violinist, your goal should be to articulate your sound to the last backbencher in the concert hall. Hold your violin in the right posture, and remember that even if you hear that scratchy sound, your audience will only hear the beautiful sound with the calm effect of a concert hall.

You must take care of your violin.

If you own a violin, you need to maintain it in the best way possible. For instance, when you observe a professional violinist preparing to play, you will see them tighten the bow since it loosens each time it is not in use. Most musical instrument stores have a violin maintenance kit, and you need to get yourself one.

Strive to be the best violinist

Do not feel discouraged even if a small child plays violin better than you. If you would like to become a professional violinist, you will achieve that through passion and determination.

Final words

Practice makes perfect. It is important to be constantly practising to become a good violinist. So make sure you have your long term goal set before you start learning and stick to the same.

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