3 Myths of Learning Chinese Debunked by Some Truths

There are many skills you can master at in your lifetime, but maybe one of the most essential of them is the ability to speak in another language. For instance, you can learn Chinese and you will make the most of the benefit of being bilingual which exposes you to Chinese culture as well as their lifestyle too.

When it comes to learning other languages as well, there are many myths associated with learning Chinese too. Consequently, many people are then discouraged from learning it. But, these myths are just myths, they can be debunked by truths too. Here are a few of them.

  1. It’s hard to learn Chinese

Mandarin is no harder to learn that any other language like French, German or Spanish. The primary reason why English speakers believe that Chinese is harder to learn because they are unfamiliar with the words. As this very language has no ABCs or Roman letters, they believe that Chinese is hard to learn. If you label this language hard, then learning any language will be similarly hard for you. If you ask anyone who has learn Chinese from a Chinese tutor, they will tell you that it is not hard but many people make it. The sentence structure is similar to English.

  1. It’s hard for adults to learn Chinese

This is a common myth that you have to be young in order to learn Chinese. This was never about the age and will never be. Sure, the language is taught at schooling age, but you are never late to learn anything new. There are many fluent Chinese speakers today who have learnt this beautiful language when they were adults.

  1. It takes a long time to just grasp the basics

If you do not have the motivation and concentration to study Chinese, then it will surely take you a lot of time to get acquainted with this language. This holds true for learning other languages as well. Until and unless you have all the patience and dedication and you are dead serious about learning Chinese, then you will be speaking fluent Chinese in no time.

Consider going to Chinese language school

If you are looking forward to learn Chinese faster, then you should definitely consider signing up for a regular or business Chinese course. You will be guided by qualified Chinese tutors and you can even practice with your classmates to keep having fun and motivated while learning the language at the same time.

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